Cree Cultural Trips

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These rare and powerful journeys take place in the far north, where our Cree guides Anna and David Bosum will share their indigenous knowledge of living comfortably in the wilderness.  David and Anna are of the last generation of Cree people to grow up in the bush, having been born into trapping families that still lived intimately off the land they inhabit.  They have held onto the traditions of their people, many of which are in danger of disappearing or have already vanished, and they have chosen to teach what they know of an ancient lifeway.

winter creeEach trip begins in the village of Ouje-Bougoumou, a modern Cree village of 800 people.  We spend a day learning about the history of their people, experience the modern life of a northern native community, and visit the newly built museum as well as other public places.  From there we venture out to the bush, either by snowshoe or canoe, and learn while we live with our guides.  Fishing, trapping, snaring, tanning moose or caribou hides, sewing leather, making paddles or snowshovels, eating wild game (moose, goose, beaver, fish, snowshoe hare, lynx, sturgeon….whatever comes our way), sleeping in tents on bough floors, cutting our firewood and fetching our water – these are just some of the possibilities.

As an experience, this journey is not just about learning native skills, but about gaining a greater understanding of the shifting lifeways and communities of native people around the world.  It will open your eyes to a whole new way of living on this Earth and open your heart to a beautiful community of friends.

See photos from some of our past trips:

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